Cadenza is a motivating practice tool for music students, parents, and teachers.


View your profile and recent notes from your teacher. Review your student's progress between lessons!

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Cadenza is part of the Music Tool Suite, a collaborative partnership between Queen's University, the Centre for the Study of Learning and Performance at Concordia University, the Coalition for Music Education, and The Curious Piano Teachers. Music Tool Suite is a collection of research-based digital tools created to support studio music instruction.

Who uses Cadenza?


Time and track your practice sessions

Set goals and reflect on your learning

Share recordings


Create practice plans

Review students' progress

Comment on recordings


Understand teacher expectations

Watch your child learn

Support your child's practising in 

meaningful ways

"My student is definitely benefiting from Cadenza since I started capturing and annotating, “Good! Play THIS way every time!” moments from her lessons. After a few months of unhelpful in-lesson correction/demonstration, I started using the video capture feature and WOW, it’s made a big difference in only a couple of weeks!"

"Cadenza is an excellent digital tool to help music teachers and their students organize music teaching/learning with ease. I wish I had this tool available to me when I was studying music! It’s especially helpful when life gets too busy. As I work towards my Master's of Health Science, I hope to share this digital tool with my many musical classmates in our Institute of Medical Science."

Our Teachers Say...

"We love Cadenza. My child struggles to stay on task and keep focused. This tool keeps her on track. Distraction leads to a feeling of being unaccomplished. With Cadenza, my child can watch her progress and rate herself, giving her a sense of accomplishment and boosting her confidence. I call it the IEP for music training."

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